Thursday, December 24, 2009

Go Ahead and Drink that Fat

Years ago I attended a running camp (call me lame now).  Outside the obvious fact of running a ton, we also listened to numerous guest speakers. I always recall one of the speakers who spoke about hydrating your body for peak performance.  His main focus was to bash how bad soda was for an athlete and for that matter anyone's body.  He had me so convinced with all his facts that soda just wasn't for me anymore.  I still know plenty of athletes who drink soda, including my old college xc coach who is known to carry around a Mt. Dew bottle throughout the day.  However, I can officially say that, "Hi, my name is Ryan and I have been soda free since 2003." Granted, I do drink soda at times, but I'm not a weekly or even monthly user. And now I present to you a great soda video that demonstrates why I gave my habit...
PS: It's soda, NOT Pop.


  1. Eeew! That was gross. I don't drink soda anymore either but if I did, that video would scare me straight!

  2. PS. it's POP, not soda.. I'd never even heard it called soda until I moved from Cleveland to Orlando 7 years ago.. so weird. :)