Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Road ID

Enough with the bouncing necklace against my chest! Since we can’t all be perfect, I was blessed with being very allergic to a few medications.  When I was younger this prompted my parents to order me a Medic Alert necklace in case I was ever seriously injured the EMTs could look to my necklace to see what they were working with.

As time faded, my necklace was “misplaced” which allowed me run freely without the necklace bouncing around.  Even though the necklace was “misplaced” at times I still found myself wondering what if... something happened during a run, especially a 20 miler when i was out in the middle of no where by myself. Thanks, to the power of word of mouth I discovered RoadID this past year.  RoadID allows runners (or anyone for that matter) to have a way to be properly ID if something horrible was to occur and they would be unresponsive. 

 It’s great to see so many people wearing the bracelets or even the shoe tags while I’m out training. Even elite athletes have been seen wearing them during events such as the IRONMAN.  If it’s cool enough for an IRONMAN to wear one, I guess I can get away with it too.  I truly believe in this product which prompted me to order two during this holiday season.  I’m stoked to be able to start wearing mine while giving my Dad his on Christmas.  Hopefully, no one will ever have to look at our bands, but it’s worth the $19-$29 investment! Now if I could just win their holiday giveaway.

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  1. Go Comrad! Good to see you are still in touch with your inner-blogger. Oz was awesome this morning. Let me know when you are back in town for some trail blazing at First Landing.